ginger vic (fulminant) wrote in iconflashes_bbc,
ginger vic


it's been 20 days already and I must say that the comm seems to have died out.
putting up results and new challenges every day takes quite a lot of time and effort so I'd like to know if anyone's actually interested in participating in further challenges? is it the caps you don't like? I thought that maybe I could post new caps once in 2 days or i don't know, maybe include several caps in one days. I have no idea what to do, to be honest.


because I'm thinking about putting this comm on an indefinite hiatus, till autumn maybe~
Tags: !feedback
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July 1 2012, 22:05:44 UTC 5 years ago

tbqh I think people lost the initial excitement they had for flash comms, and are simply no longer interested in participating. There haven't been any flash challenges at anon_icon lately too, and the last few ones had minimal participation, so I'd risk saying flash comms and challenges are simply over.
yeah, I agree, that's what I thought. just wanted to hear people out before doing anything :3
I'm still interested. :)

Maybe only post caps of very popular shows like DW, Merlin and Sherlock?

It's only worth it when you enjoy doing it. If you enjoy picking caps and posting a challenge, which I assume is the most time consuming part, then I think it's worth giving it another shot. :)

(By the way, I don't think it's as simple as saying people are no longer interested, I think there are definitely time issues. There is so much going on at the moment in the icon community and people have to make a choice.)